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Author: That Mother Trucker

Your Hotshot Trucking Business: Should You Lease or Purchase?

So you’re thinking of starting a hotshot trucking company, eh? That’s a fantastic idea. But you may be stuck with this nagging question: Should you buy or should you lease? Which is the more profitable and practical option? Worry no more. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of each option so you can determine which one is ideal for you: 1. Pros of Purchasing Your Trucks You get assurance of ownershipYou can control your own time and loadsYou can modify it according to your liking 2. Cons of Purchasing Your Trucks You...

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4 Tips to Keep Your Hotshot Trucking Business Afloat During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off guard. We never expected it to happen. Many businesses suffered significant losses due to the pandemic. Some were even forced to close because they could no longer bear the cost of quarantines and lockdowns. During that time, the unemployment rate grew. The pandemic had a negative influence on the trucking business — a supremely vital business in the United States. Truck drivers can be considered the lifeblood of America, as they have to ferry essential goods from one place to the other even in the midst of the pandemic. Thankfully, we are...

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How to Be Successful in Hotshot Trucking

Do you want to achieve success as a hotshot owner-operator? There are many ways to do things in hotshot trucking. But here are the two tips that work: 1. Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself Many people who get into hotshot trucking want to be the driver. But some also want to be the dispatcher. They also want to keep their own books. They don’t want to use factoring companies. They don’t want to use brokers. They try to do all of this. And when it’s time to pay the bills, they realize they don’t have enough money. The...

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How To Start Hotshot Trucking: Getting Your Own Authority

Hotshot YouTuber Load Mizer once made a video to help everyone understand the steps and the processes involved in what you may need to do based on where you live, in order to get your own authority to start your own operation. These are the things that you’re going to have to go through in order to make that happen: 1. Talk to an Accountant “Find an accountant close to you, in your state that deals with truck drivers. Not exclusively, but make sure they know what they’re doing when it comes to the truck industry. It doesn’t matter...

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Why Hotshot Trucking is NOT Just a Stepping Stone to Get Into a Semi

Is hot shot trucking just a stepping stone to get into a semi? We’ve seen that a lot with other YouTubers and just people in the industry. That might work for some. If you could get into hotshotting for a little less startup cost and then work into a semi, that might not be a bad route. But not everyone agrees that bigger is always better. For example, David Shepard from the Humble Hotshot YouTube channel strongly disagrees with the notion that hotshotting is just a stepping stone to get into semis. In this article, we will discuss some...

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