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Author: That Mother Trucker

5 Reasons Why a Dually Might Be the Best Non-CDL Hotshot Truck For You

A single-rear-wheel truck used to be a really good choice for a non-CDL hotshot. Well… not anymore. We’re now in 2019. The previous year, 2018, was a really good year. Loads used to pay very well and there was hardly a need to get partials. But now, you do need partials. A great many loads these days are almost exclusively partials. There are very few dedicated and worthwhile (read: good-paying) loads out there. But first, let’s understand the proper way to load a trailer, and how that affects this decision. How to Properly Load a Trailer When you get...

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Want to Try Hot Shot Trucking? Consider Leasing a Hot Shot Truck

If you are on the hotshotting business, this type of situation may be familiar to you. You are excited to start hotshotting, and you buy a pickup truck. You got the vehicle. Now comes the bills — the loan payments. You tell yourself, “I will work double time in my hotshot business so I can cover my costs and my loans.” You do good, but still, expenses are winning over your income. You keep going and going, yet you are getting the same results: more money goes out than stays… Until the day you find yourself upside down with...

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9 Tips For Making More Money On Your Hotshot Hustle

Hustle is the name of the game when it comes to hotshot trucking. No matter how experienced or brand new are you to the business, you have to hustle. Hustling is imperative to reach success in the hotshot industry. If you want to bring more money and value into your hotshot hustle, here are some tips that would help. 1. Be On Time In the hotshot industry, being on time can spell the difference between more money or less money. An hour could make a big difference between you making another thousand dollars. To make this happen, plan to...

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The #1 Reason Hotshot Truckers Fail

What’s the most important thing in any business? There’s one way to succeed and one way to fail. The way to succeed is to know your numbers. The way to fail — is not to know your numbers. So it all comes down to a numbers game. You need to know all the costs of operating your hotshot trucking business. How much does it cost you to run your truck? If you don’t know your numbers, you have nothing to go off of. There’s no basis. Without your numbers, you have nothing because you don’t even know what to...

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If You’re Brand New, Do Not Get Your Own Authority. Get Your CDL.

Should you lease on with a company or get your own authority right away? The One Big Advantage of Leasing On If you’re a complete beginner, it doesn’t make much sense to get your own authority — as we’ll see later. On the other hand, here’s one of the coolest benefits of leasing on — for a small percentage of the load, you’ll get access to the relationships that the company has developed. You can get loads without going through load boards. How cool is that? Therefore, it makes more sense to lease on because this is one of...

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