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Author: That Mother Trucker

How to Book Partials That Pay Well

What do you need to do to get good-paying partials? This article will give you three simple tips to help you book partials that pay well. Now these are not the only keys, but they are based on the experience of some experienced hotshot truckers. 1. Fill 20 feet of your deck space with at least $1.20 a mile. As for the rest, you can fill it up with either 80 cents or more. For example, let’s say you have one load going 2,000 miles paying $2,400. That comes to $1.20 per mile. Let’s say you have another load...

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5 Advantages of a Hotshot to a Semi

Are you a semi truck driver thinking of getting into hotshot trucking? Like in every decision, there are always pros and cons. But the question we would like to ask (and answer) is, should you switch from a semi to a hotshot? Are there any clear advantages? Here are five reasons that make sense: 1. Cost of Operation In almost every category, a hotshot is much cheaper. 2. Maintenance and Repairs Oil change in a semi usually averages about $400-500. In a hotshot, it’s about $120. If you need the fuel filter serviced or anything like that, maybe you’ll...

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How to Find Higher-Paying Loads

Whether you’re a hotshot trucker, owner-operator, or driver, your ultimate goal is to always find ways to get higher-paying loads. Sadly, many are contented with freight from load boards. For them, as long as they have paying loads, it’s sufficient to survive in the trucking industry. But what if we told you that there are still ways to find higher-paying loads? Here are four practical ways to find higher-paying loads: 1. Be Unique to Stand Out. It’s common for truck drivers and owner-operators to have a lot in common, being in the same line of business. But if you...

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6 Keys to Hotshot Trucking Success

Would you like to know how to truly succeed in hotshot trucking? Most people measure success in terms of money and popularity. But to be a real success in hotshot trucking, you need to think beyond those things. Don’t get me wrong — money is important, but it’s not the most important metric of success. Here are six keys to achieve real, long-term success in hotshot trucking: 1. Execute With Speed and Efficiency. You need to have the ability to adapt or bounce back quickly. Regardless of whether it’s a win or a loss, the quicker you get through...

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Hotshot Trucking: The Pros and Cons

Chances are, you’re seriously considering the merits of hotshot trucking. You may be thinking, is it really worth it? With all the negativity around, you’re just not sure. As you know, a hotshot trucker is a freelance truck driver in the freight industry. They can own their own vehicle, but they’re not always required to have their own truck since some trucking carriers provide freelancers with a vehicle to deliver cargo. But a trucking company does not employ hotshot drivers. Without signing an obligation statement, hotshot truckers simply transport goods for various cargo carriers and companies whenever they want...

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