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Author: That Mother Trucker

How to Find Good Paying Hot Shot Loads

If you’re a hotshot trucker, you must have known by now how challenging it can be when it comes to finding loads. And not just any kind of load, but the good, high-paying ones. What Is a Hotshot Load? A hotshot load is any amount of goods transported in a hotshot truck. When transporting goods, it is split into two common trucking/freighting types: an FTL or a PTL. An FTL or Full Truckload is a type of freighting mode that means a load will take up an entire hotshot truck by itself. It is considered to be the most...

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“Can I Hotshot With an Older Truck?”

Can you start hot shot trucking using an older truck? Let’s say you have this certain truck. Maybe you bought it for a different business or you’ve had it for a while now. Is it a good truck to start? This question comes up a lot since trucks are one of the most widely sold vehicles in the United States. Our Answer? It Depends. For the most part, no. But there are exceptions to every rule. So we would say, it depends. How old is the truck under consideration (hopefully, not as old as the truck in the photo...

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5 Hot Shot Trucking Best Practices

Hot shot trucking is somewhat unique. You can see and appreciate new sights, sounds, and situations. Not to mention the sense of freedom you get when you see the open road. While these things are alluring and may even lead you to consider hotshotting, it is not that easy. Here are five best practices any professional hot shot trucker should know and follow. These practices can help keep you safe while you’re on the road. It might even save other people’s lives. 1. Do a systems check before embarking on your deliveries Before transporting a load from point A...

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Hot Shot Trucking: 5 Tips to Survive Your First Year

Your first year in hot shot trucking is crucial. Many startups fail during their first year of operation. Some of the causes of failure are negative cash flow, lack of loads, and too much competition. While these are some of the risks you may encounter, there are ways you can avoid these common pitfalls. While many hot shot startups have failed, there are others that have succeeded. We can certainly learn something from the ones that have succeeded — who’ve successfully navigated their first year in business. What are these lessons? Contrary to what some may have led you...

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How Much Does Hot Shot Trucking Pay?

Case Study: Darrick and Cinnamon of Truck and Travel Is hot shot trucking profitable? How much can you really make by hot shot trucking? Rather than answer with “theory,” we thought it would be a better idea to give you a real-life example. Hopefully, this will answer the question: How much does hot shot trucking pay? Darrick and Cinnamon started their own hot shot trucking company called Truck and Travel. In one of the videos on their YouTube channel, they shared what they typically make in a single week. They both have CDLs so they can take loads up...

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