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Author: That Mother Trucker

The #1 Reason Hotshot Truckers Fail

What’s the most important thing in any business? There’s one way to succeed and one way to fail. The way to succeed is to know your numbers. The way to fail — is not to know your numbers. So it all comes down to a numbers game. You need to know all the costs of operating your hotshot trucking business. How much does it cost you to run your truck? If you don’t know your numbers, you have nothing to go off of. There’s no basis. Without your numbers, you have nothing because you don’t even know what to...

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If You’re Brand New, Do Not Get Your Own Authority. Get Your CDL.

Should you lease on with a company or get your own authority right away? The One Big Advantage of Leasing On If you’re a complete beginner, it doesn’t make much sense to get your own authority — as we’ll see later. On the other hand, here’s one of the coolest benefits of leasing on — for a small percentage of the load, you’ll get access to the relationships that the company has developed. You can get loads without going through load boards. How cool is that? Therefore, it makes more sense to lease on because this is one of...

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8 Things to Look For When Purchasing a Dash Cam For Your Hotshot Truck

So, you’ve decided to purchase a dashcam for your hotshot truck? What should you look for? There are a variety of dashcam brands and models in the marketplace today. But don’t let these confuse you. Here are things to consider to help you find that ultimate hotshotting dashcam. 1. Dashcam Channels The first thing to consider when getting a hotshotting dashcam is to know how many channels your dashcam should have. Channels are places where the dashcam gets its video feeds. Most vehicles today have the front-facing or front channel dashcams. If we’ll get techy, there are even dashcams...

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How Much Money Can You Really Make in Non-CDL Hotshot Trucking?

Do you really need a CDL to make really good money? That is the question. Some people think semi trucking is the only right way to go. In this article, we will do a case study of Alex of, and answer four common questions, such as: Is non-CDL hotshot trucking worth it?How much work do you have to put in to have the best possible year?How much money can you possibly make on that best, record-breaking year?How does 2018 compare with 2019 in terms of profitability? 1. Is Non-CDL Hotshot Trucking Worth It? In short, yes — absolutely....

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How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy On the Road

Do you want to lose weight, stay healthy, and save money at the same time? I’d like to share a fascinating idea from popular hotshotting YouTuber, Tow Piglet. According to him, when it comes to food and eating, you can control three things: What you eatHow much you eatWhen you eat Those are the three things in your control. Now obviously, because we’re on the road, we really can’t control what we eat. You just go with what’s at the truck stop. Usually, it’s the same fast food — deep-fried foods, burgers, etc. The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting So...

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