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Author: That Mother Trucker

5 Strategies For Juggling Trucking and Family Life

A trucker’s job can be a lonely job. It entails a lot of long hours, days, and weeks on the road — away from family and loved ones. It is vital, therefore, to “count the cost,” so to speak, before signing up for the trucking business, considering how it might affect or impact your family or put some strain on your home life if not carefully planned out. Therefore, when you first create your work schedule, carefully consider your family commitments. With a little bit of foresight and advanced planning, you’ll be able to make ends meet while also...

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Gatormade 35+5 Air Ride Gooseneck (Trailer Review)

The Gatormade 35+5 Air Ride is equipped with — as its name implies — air ride suspension, so it handles fragile loads better than other types of suspension. You simply adjust the suspension to whatever load you are hauling. It’s also great at towing and offers a smooth ride overall. Its other advantages are fuel economy, versatility in tackling different types of terrain, and less wear and tear. The Gatormade Air Ride also has a spread-axle design, allowing more flexibility with loading since it can carry more weight. Not only that, its main frame is a 14” I-beam, which...

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Trailer Review: PJ Trailers Low-Pro Flatdeck With Duals

This PJ gooseneck trailer is one of the best gooseneck trailers for 2019. It lets you haul heavy loads with its high GVWR (25,000 lbs.). It also gives you a smooth ride, thanks to its five-leaf spring suspension and radial tires. Plus its Dexter oil bath axles is designed for heavy-duty use and is one of the best in the industry. As for a brand as a whole, PJ Trailers is an industry leader. They excel in their level of customization, product quality, and support. They also have a network of dealers around the nation. Standard in each trailer...

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Trailer Review: Texas Pride 35+5 Deckover Gooseneck

Are you looking for a trailer that can tackle the heaviest of loads? With a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 24,000 pounds, this trailer can haul whatever you throw at it and then some — its net payload capacity is 18,100 pounds. This 5,900-pound trailer comes equipped with slipper spring suspension to give you a smooth ride. It also has safety features such as DOT lighting, emergency breakaway switch, reflective tape, and safety chains. Pros: It has a relatively high GVWR, allowing you to carry heavier loads.It has DOT-approved LED lights, giving you peace of mind as you...

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Trailer Review: Kaufman Deluxe 30000 GVWR 30 Ft Tri-Axle

Kaufman has been in business for over 30 years — they have a long track record of serving customers through excellent trailers. This Kaufman gooseneck trailer is no different. This particular one gives you the towing stability of three axles and electric brakes. It has a two-speed 25,000-pound capacity twin landing gear. The trailer’s frame is constructed from one piece of 14” at 22 lb./ft. high-tensile main beams. They also use a pierced crossmember construction on 16” centers. There is 25’ of flatbed with a 5’ cleated iron dovetail and 5’ cleated spring assist ramps for easy loading of...

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