Whether you’re a hotshot trucker, owner-operator, or driver, your ultimate goal is to always find ways to get higher-paying loads.

Sadly, many are contented with freight from load boards. For them, as long as they have paying loads, it’s sufficient to survive in the trucking industry.

But what if we told you that there are still ways to find higher-paying loads?

Here are four practical ways to find higher-paying loads:

1. Be Unique to Stand Out.

It’s common for truck drivers and owner-operators to have a lot in common, being in the same line of business. But if you want to have higher-paying loads, be unique. Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Are you just like all the rest of the drivers or owner-operators out there, or do you have something to offer that will make you stand out? Identify what those are. List them down and use that list when marketing your services.

Being unique will guarantee you’ll stand out and get higher-paying loads.

2. Always Leave Your Details.

Normally, whenever you deliver your loads, you will find that a flock of truckers are at the same location, especially if you are in the same hot lanes. Too much competition.

This is your great opportunity. Take advantage of this and make them remember you by leaving your details.

Every time you finish a delivery, always make it a habit to leave your details. Leave your business card and other information. That way, they will remember you and will contact you again for more loads.

3. Make Your Website Awesome.

Aside from your business cards, what else is a more effective way to advertise your company and your services?

Yes, you’re right — it’s your website.

Your website is the best platform that you can use to gain higher-paying loads. State your unique services. Post pictures of your truck or fleet.

4. Get Your Own Direct Customers.

Any trucking business is lucrative enough to make people sit comfortably and enjoy the fruits of their labor after delivering hauls. But this shouldn’t be the case.

If you want to land higher-paying loads, you shouldn’t settle for average, but rather, go the extra mile. It’s nice to get the good-paying freight through the use of load boards but it’s much better to get your own customers to book you directly. That way, you can get much more profit than having to go through a broker or a middleman.