Do you want to lose weight, stay healthy, and save money at the same time?

I’d like to share a fascinating idea from popular hotshotting YouTuber, Tow Piglet. According to him, when it comes to food and eating, you can control three things:

  1. What you eat
  2. How much you eat
  3. When you eat

Those are the three things in your control. Now obviously, because we’re on the road, we really can’t control what we eat. You just go with what’s at the truck stop. Usually, it’s the same fast food — deep-fried foods, burgers, etc.

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

So we really don’t have a lot of control over what. Now you can control how much. That’s another option. But what Tow Piglet found much easier is controlling when he eats. And he is talking about intermittent fasting.

And it’s not a half-hearted attempt for him. He’s doing the best one — the most extreme form — which is known as OMAD — an acronym “one meal a day.” That’s what it stands for. Basically, he wakes up in the morning, like at 6 or 7 a.m. and it’s essentially a race of how much food he can put into his mouth for the first 30 minutes. After that, it’s like, done — that’s it.

He just realized that it works best for him. He’s losing weight, he’s saving money, and he feels amazing. Towards the end of the day, when you’d normally have a crash, he feels great. So intermittent fasting has been really really wonderful for him. Now because he strictly controls when he eats, he doesn’t control what he eats or how much he eats.

How “OMAD” Works

Here’s how it works in his own words: “I usually grab some kind of salad, some kind of breakfast sandwich, some kind of milk, cereal, protein bar, Snickers — just a bunch of food. Literally a lot of food. And usually, even though it’s a lot of food, it still adds up to only 25 bucks. If you’re eating two or three meals a day, you won’t be able to get into 25 bucks — not at fast food places. You just eat as much food as you can once a day.”

But he hastens to add: It’s not easy. “Five or six o’clock rolls around, and you’ll feel hungry if you eat at 6:00 p.m. So if I eat at 6:00 in the morning, I’m really hungry at 6:00 p.m. Now you want to really be diligent like controlling your food urges. Your first couple of days are the hardest. Day one into it, you think the world is gonna end at like 1:00 in the afternoon. It’s like, I’m starving, I’m like “hangry.”

The Bottom Line

Intermittent fasting works wonders for certain people like Tow Piglet.

“I’m losing weight, I’ve already dropped 10 pounds. I’ve been on it (off and on) for about a month. I’m down 10 pounds, so I love it. I’m going to continue doing it because I’m a morning person. At 4 or 5 in the afternoon, I’m crashing, I’m tired, and that’s because I just had a big lunch. So I’ve realized that you know you crash really hard at the end of the day when you eat. That’s why it really it works really well for me. I cannot say enough good things about eating one meal a day. It’s awesome.”

Let us know in the comments below how you guys stay healthy on the road.