Kaufman has been in business for over 30 years — they have a long track record of serving customers through excellent trailers. This Kaufman gooseneck trailer is no different.

This particular one gives you the towing stability of three axles and electric brakes. It has a two-speed 25,000-pound capacity twin landing gear.

The trailer’s frame is constructed from one piece of 14” at 22 lb./ft. high-tensile main beams. They also use a pierced crossmember construction on 16” centers. There is 25’ of flatbed with a 5’ cleated iron dovetail and 5’ cleated spring assist ramps for easy loading of equipment.

The 3-10K dual wheel electric brake axles feature heavy duty slipper spring suspension, oil bath lubrication, and radial tires.

Wiring on the Deluxe 30000 GVWR 30 ft Tri-axle Gooseneck trailer is a sealed modular harness with lifetime LED lights. A tool tray with lockable lid, stake pockets with rub rail and treated flooring complete the standard features on this trailer. The weight rating can be uprated to 36,000 lb. GVWR with the purchase of the optional 3” ball coupler upgrade.


  • Affordable
  • Delivery anywhere
  • Factory-direct pricing
  • High-quality trailers
  • No dealer mark-up
  • Rugged and reliable


  • Automotive grade enamel finish. It’s not as good or as long-lasting as powder coat.
  • No steps. This makes it difficult for you to climb up the trailer.

Key Features

  • Axles: 3 x 10,000-pound oil bath axles. This trailer has three 7,000 E-Z Dexter Axles. Dexter axles make the trailer more durable and safe, being a trusted leader in the automotive industry. Dexter Axles are designed and crafted to last for years.
  • Brakes: This trailer comes with all-wheel electric brakes. For those who don’t know this fact, trailer brakes require quality and attention because of the heavy loads.
  • Chain Box — This comes with a lockable lid on the trailer. You can place chains, equipment, and tools in it and the contents will stay safe.
  • Coupler: Kingpin coupler. This trailer comes with 2-5/16 round adjustable couplers. Adjustable couplers offer a range of height adjustments to assure level operation as your trailer is being pulled by your truck.
  • Dovetail: Self-cleaning cleated angle iron. Five-foot dovetail with 60-inch x 20-inch flip up, ramps with spring assist. The ramps make it easier to haul loads onto the trailer. You can use the dovetail to work on the trailer as well.
  • Electrical: Sealed modular wiring harness. The trailer also comes with LED lighting and this ensures your trailer is properly lit and visible while traveling on the road. The wiring and connectors on the trailer are also DOT approved, giving you peace of mind.
  • Finish: Kaufman provides a primer and 2 coats of automotive-grade enamel to the trailer. Black is the standard color, but they do have additional colors. The additional colors include Ford blue, John Deere green, International red, fleet yellow, and gray. Additional colors are an upgrade, which will cost extra money.
  • Flatdeck — The overall length of the flat deck is 30 feet. The length of the trailer is 25 feet and the dovetail is 5 feet. The height of the flat deck is 35 inches (or 37 inches with the 2-inch floor) and there are side steps on each side of the trailer. This will make it more accessible for hotshot truckers to get on and off their trailer. The width of the flat deck is 102 inches. The floor of the deck is made of 2-inch treated wood. You can mount equipment on the floor of the flat deck.
    • Deck Height: 37 in. With side steps standard
    • Deck Length: 30 ft. (25 ft. flat + 5 ft. self-cleaning dovetail)
    • Deck Width: Maximum 102 in.
  • Floors: 2 in. Treated Wood
  • Frame: 14 in. Pierced I-beam 22 PPF, with 3 in. channel crossmembers 16 in. on center. The cross members help support the weight of the trailer.
  • GVWR: 30,000 lb. GVWR with 2 5/16″ coupler – Load capacity is 24,000 lb. with a 6,000 lb. hitch load. 36,000 lb. GVWR with 3″ optional upcharge coupler – Load capacity is 28,000 lb. with an 8,000 lb. hitch load.
  • Jack: Dual 25,000 lb. two-speed jacks. The Kaufman Tri-Axle Gooseneck Trailer has dual 12,000-pound drop leg jacks. The jacks have a combination of working gears on them as well as the drop leg feature. The drop leg jacks allow for an easier time and smoother ride when you are shifting gears.
  • Ramps: 60 in. x 24 in. Heavy duty flip-up ramps, with spring assist. There is a 5-foot dovetail with 60-inch X 20-inch flip up, ramps with spring assist. The ramps make it easier to haul loads onto the trailer. You can use the dovetail to work on the trailer.
  • Safety chains: Heavy duty safety chains. There are safety chains on the Kaufman Tri-Axle Gooseneck. The purpose of safety chains is to retain the connection between the towing vehicle and trailer in the event of separation of the trailer coupling from the ball or the ball from the trailer hitch, long enough to bring the vehicle to a stop. Hopefully, no hotshot trucker has to ever worry about this happening, but it is great to know your trailer is equipped for the event it does happen.
  • Side Rail: 6 in. The side rails are 6-inches.
  • Suspension: Slipper springs. The Tri-Axle Gooseneck Trailer is equipped with a slipper spring suspension. The slipper springs act as part of a trailer’s suspension system. The springs flex to resist shock almost like a cushion. This helps keep your cargo safe and prevents damage.
  • Tie Downs: Stake pockets and rub rail. Tie down stake pockets come standard on the Kaufman Tri-Axle Gooseneck. The tie down stake pockets provides fantastic support and anchor points for attaching ropes, cords, and straps. That way hotshot truckers don’t have to tie equipment to the trailer’s side rails or greasy undercarriage. The heavy-duty rub rails on the Tri-Axle are valuable to the trailer. The rub rails are designed to “rub” against other objects (i.e. walls or highway barricades, etc.). This allows the rub rails to absorb impact and trauma. This protects the trailer from damage. The rub rails also protect the chains, straps, and ropes that are commonly used to secure cargo on the trailer.
  • Tires: The Tri-Axle Gooseneck comes with 235/80 R16 LRE (3,097-3,520 pounds) tires. The tires are radial tires and radial tires in the trailer manufacturing industry. The radial tires are beneficial on hotshot trailers. They distribute the weight of the payload evenly, and it allows for improved stability while a hotshot trucker hauls larger loads. Radial tires also reduce rolling resistance. This will help improve fuel economy and it reduces the wearing on the tires. Radial tires also improve control and it helps with traction in inclement weather. The wheels are silver or white mod.
  • Tongue: 12 in. I-beam gooseneck
  • Toolbox: Chain box with lockable lid standard
  • Weight Specifics — This trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) OF 22,500 pounds. The gross axle weight rating (GAWR) IS 7,000 pounds per axle.
  • Wheels: Heavy duty bud style dual wheels

Editor’s Rating: 7.5 / 10

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