“What kind of truck should I buy for hotshotting?”

We’re not talking about what kind of truck — whether Ford, Chevy, or Dodge — but should it be a new truck or a used truck?

From the experience of many hotshotters, it would probably be best to buy a brand new truck. But some will say, “Why spend 50 grand on a new truck when you could get one used?

Well, here’s the rationale: If it’s an old truck, it will break down more often. But then you will say, “Oh, you could fix it on your own, and you’ll save money.”

You may be right. But imagine you’re on the load on a hot load and your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Guess who’s going to be fixing it? Probably a shop. Guess how much they’re going to charge you? Probably double or even triple. Your truck breaking down at home is not as bad as the truck breaking down in the middle of Montana, Tennessee, Texas, or Wyoming. It’s going to cost way more.

So if you add up all the expenses, you’d probably be spending more money fixing or repairing your old truck. You could just as easily purchase the new truck and go on with your life doing regular oil changes — and keeping it in tip-top condition through periodic maintenance.

So our advice is to buy a new truck if you can. Don’t go with old, old trucks for hotshotting. The same goes for trailers. Buy a new trailer if you can. It will pay for itself many many times over by not breaking down on the road and not needing a new axle or new tires or new brakes or whatever.